Earth Element

Green triangle symbol representing the element of earth
Green square symbol representing the element of earth
Invoking pentagram for the element of earth
Banishing pentagram for the element of earth

To use the invoking or banishing pentagram, begin tracing it out at the end of the arrow, and head in the direction the arrow is pointing.

The element of earth is associated with femininity, the direction north, and the colours green, gold and brown. It is massive, solid, stable and enduring. Earth is non-mutable, non-compressible and non-expandable, it is an insulator, and resists motion. This element is receptive to water, and it renews and nourishes.

The spiritual aspect of earth is that of serenity and beingness, and the magic associated with it is for grounding and centering of energies, stability and strength, peace, fertility and money. The deities associated with earth are Gaia, Pan, Hera, Demeter, Rhiannon, Adonis and Dionysus, and the wind spirit associated with earth is Borus. The earth spirits, or earth elementals are called gnomes, and the power animals of earth are the bull, stag and bear.

The gemstones associated with earth include green and moss agates, green calcite, cat’s eye, chrysoprase, emerald, brown and green jaspers, jet, malachite, peridot, stalagmite, black tourmaline, green tourmaline and turquoise. The incenses are any musky or earthy scent, and the tools are the pentagram, pentacle and gemstones. The astrological earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo, and the Tarot suit of pentacles is also associated with earth.

The image which embodies earth is that of mountains, landscapes, plants and animals, and the symbol associated with it is the square. The physical state of earth is solid, and the physical action associated with it is sleep. The part of a person related to earth is the body, and the energy flow in the body for earth is from the base of the spine upwards. The time of life associated with earth is from old age to death. The consciousness associated with earth is memory, and the direction of view for the element of earth is to the past.

The time of day for earth is the night, and the season is Winter. The temperature of this element is cool and dry, and the feeling of earth is rigidity and centeredness. The taste associated with earth is bitterness.

The base chakra is associated with earth, and the quabalistic action for earth is stability. The non-local essence of this element is also underlying stability. The word of power for earth is AGLA (ah gal lah), and the earth affirmation is, ‘I am strong, centered and know’. The body posture is arms extended with palms down.

The human virtues associated with earth are centeredness, patience, truth, thoroughness, dependability, while the vices are dullness, laziness, an inconsiderate attitude, and having hang-ups. An excess of the earth element can lead to a lack of energy, lack of ambition, and narrow-mindedness. A lack of this element can lead to hyperactivity, unreliability, and daydreaming.

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