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These posts explore some fundamental topics about Wicca, from how to be a Wiccan to analysing the Wiccan Rede. Some of these make for quite lengthy reading, but they should give you a good grounding in modern Wiccan beliefs. I have included a few articles which give my personal beliefs and interpretations, and you are welcome to use these as a stepping stone towards making your own decisions. I don’t have all the answers; I don’t even have all the questions, and any affirmative statements I make – “the sky is blue” – can be interpreted as no more than a statement of belief – “I, personally, believe the sky is blue”.

The Wiccan Rede – Further Thoughts

Red Pentagram

In my first article on the Wiccan Rede I explored its history, and spent a lot of time basically debunking the idea that it’s a sacred commandment which must be obeyed at all costs. In this article I’m going to … Continue reading

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Whatever Works

“Whatever works” does not equate to “anything goes“. Wicca is not a tightly structured religion, and a lot of the time you are advised to use ‘whatever works for you’, or ‘whatever feels right to you’. This is not license … Continue reading

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The Wiccan Rede

The term Rede, or Wiccan Rede, refers, apparently interchangably, to either the long poem I have provided a link to or, more accurately I believe, to the eight-word form below; “An it harm none, do what ye will.” If you’ve … Continue reading

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The Threefold Law

The Threefold Law is attributed to Gerald Gardner, and the basic idea behind it is that any energy you send out will return to you three times as strong. It is first suggested in High Magic’s Aid; “Thou hast obeyed … Continue reading

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The Burning Times

Examination of a Witch, by T H Matteson

The ‘Burning Times’ was a period of history when around 60,000 people were tried and convicted as witches. The majority of these trials took place between 1550 and 1650 CE, however most of the victims of the witch-hysteria were not … Continue reading

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