Badger: Courage

Bat: Good luck, seeing in the dark/astral

Bear: Strength, healing, introspection, dreaming

Buffalo: Strength, physical power, life

Butterfly: Courage, transformation, joy

Cat: Agile, stealthy, good hunter, independent

Coyote: Trickster, mischief-maker, shape shifting, intelligence

Crow: Justice

Deer: Compassion

Dog: Loyalty, trust, protection

Dolphin: Communication, power of sound and breath, wisdom

Dragonfly: Imagination, creativity

Eagle: Carries prayers, spirit, courage

Fish: Grace

Fox: Cunning, camouflage

Frog: Truth, rebirth, cleansing

Hawk: Observant, messenger

Horse: Freedom, endurance, clairvoyance

Hummingbird: Pleasure

Lion: Patience, courage, importance of family

Lizard: Vision, dreaming, regeneration

Mouse: Ability to do detailed work

Owl: Silence, wisdom, clairvoyance

Panther: Rebirth, knowledge of darkness

Rabbit: Fertility, humility

Raven: Mystery, heightened awareness

Snake: Transformation, change, immortality

Spider: Fate, destiny

Turtle: Shyness, protection

Unicorn: Purity

Vulture: Wisdom, logic

Wolf: Knowledge, wisdom

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