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You can create a link to Pagan Roots using the images and code examples below. If you want to use a picture, please right click on the image you like and choose ‘Save Image As’, then save it to your computer. Move it to the images folder of your website, and upload it to your web server. Then copy and paste the HTML code into the page you’d like to show the link on. In the code, change the section “address of the file on your server” to the address of the picture on your web server. If you’d prefer to just create a text link, you can copy the code for one of the first three example links given below, and simply paste it into your website, no changes needed.

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Pagan Roots

Pagan Roots – Eclectic Wiccan information on a range of topics.

Pagan Roots
Eclectic Wiccan information on a range of topics including basic Wiccan beliefs and concepts; a recommended reading guide; encyclopedias of information on different herbs, gemstones, gods and goddesses; a guide to divination using Tarot cards and rune stones; favourite pieces of poetry, prose and humour; articles on the elements, rituals, festivals and plenty more.

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6 thoughts on “Add A Link To Roots”

    1. Hi, thanks for the banner add. Please could you let me know which page you’ve placed it on? I did have a quick scan through, but couldn’t spot it. Cheers!

    1. Hey Sandy,

      Thanks for the link to Pagan Roots, and for letting me know about the problems with the link codes. I think I’ve sorted the problem out now, so if you’d like to try again, the codes for all the text links and banners should be good to go. (At the moment your link to Pagan Roots actually points to [“”], which I think must have been because of the problem with my codes, oops!) If you use a banner, you’ll have to save it to your own website and then edit the code a little bit to point to your own address.

      I’ve added a link to your site on my Pagan Shops page. I’ve based the text description on the blurb on your (very pretty!) home page, and stated that you’re based in the USA and do not accept international orders – if that’s wrong, please let me know and I’ll change it.

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