I use ‘herbs’ as a broad term which should be understood to include things like trees and flowers as well as the plants more traditionally known as herbs, like basil and thyme. The posts in this section deal with practical uses for herbs in Wicca, as well as having the herbal encyclopedia. This has posts about many different herbs, with information on their magical and medicinal uses as well as other properties.

Collecting Herbs


Identifying your herbs Warning! Some herbs and other plants can be poisonous! Do not harvest any plants that you are not familiar with. At the very least take a field guide with you when you go to harvest wild plants, … Continue reading →

Growing Herbs

Herbs in Pots

Why grow your own herbs Herbs are wonderfully easy to grow, and cultivating them in your own garden is a far cheaper option that buying them. As well as saving money, they can make a very attractive addition to your … Continue reading →

Herbal Encyclopedia

Aloe herb

Welcome to the encyclopedia of herbs. You can view detailed information for each herb, including associations with elements, deities, Sabbats and more, different names for the plant, a description of its physical characteristics, a general overview of it and lengthy … Continue reading →

Storing Herbs

Herbs Drying

Why dry and store herbs? You may have collected more herbs than you’ve been able to use, or you might have plants in your own garden which you wish to harvest before Autumn. Whatever your reason, it is better to … Continue reading →

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