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The posts in this section are those that deal most closely with the idea of spellwork and the other components that comprise a Wiccan ritual. I don’t intend to provide any pre-written spells simply for the sake of offering them for anyone to use, but instead you can find information on how to write your own spells and create your own Wiccan rituals. Each article does provide examples, and explains why things are done and what you may want to decide on for yourself.

Ritual Outline

First I must repeat that this is just a basic guide; some people may do things in a slightly different order, or even omit parts that they feel are not necessary. The outline below will give you a good point … Continue reading

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Casting A Circle

Before you begin, think about what you’ll be doing inside the circle. Focus on the working you want to complete, and clear any negative thoughts from your mind – you want to remove all distractions from the task at hand. … Continue reading

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