I use ‘gemstones’ as a catch-all heading which includes such things as crystals, stones, tree resin, fossils and more. The posts in this section deal with the practical use of gemstones in Wicca, as well as providing a gemstone encyclopedia. This has information on a great many gemstones, including their magical uses and any stories or lore associated with them.

Charging Gemstones

Amber gemstone

What does ‘charging’ a gemstone mean? To charge a gemstone is to infuse it with positive natural energies, and dispel any negative energies that may be clinging to it. If you are able to sense energies in your crystals, you … Continue reading →

Cleaning Gemstones

Apophyllite gemstone

General Care Different crystals have different properties – some are hard, some are soft, some are porous, some are not. Bear in mind the particular qualities of your stone when taking care of it. Some of the softer crystals can … Continue reading →

Gemstone Encyclopedia

Ametrine gemstone

Welcome to the encyclopedia of gemstones. You can view detailed information for each gemstone, including associations with elements, deities, Sabbats and more, different names for the stone, a description of its physical characteristics, a general overview of it and lengthy … Continue reading →

Using Gemstones

Aragonite gemstone

So you’ve found the right gemstone for you – now what do you do with it? Depending on the size of the stone there are lots of different ways to use it. Large stones, or crystal clusters can be placed … Continue reading →

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