I use ‘herbs’ as a broad term which should be understood to include things like trees and flowers as well as the plants more traditionally known as herbs, like basil and thyme. The posts in this section deal with practical uses for herbs in Wicca, as well as having the herbal encyclopedia. This has posts about many different herbs, with information on their magical and medicinal uses as well as other properties.

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I use ‘gemstones’ as a catch-all heading which includes such things as crystals, stones, tree resin, fossils and more. The posts in this section deal with the practical use of gemstones in Wicca, as well as providing a gemstone encyclopedia. This has information on a great many gemstones, including their magical uses and any stories or lore associated with them.

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Welcome to the encyclopedia of Gods and Goddesses. You can view detailed information for each deity, including associations with elements, Sabbats, other gods and more, different names they may have been known by, a description of their origins, stories and lore surrounding them and much more information.

View the Gods and Goddesses from different pantheons by visiting the links below;

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