Air Element

Yellow triangle symbol representing the element of air
Yellow circle symbol representing the element of air
Invoking pentagram for the element of air
Banishing pentagram for the element of air

To use the invoking or banishing pentagram, begin tracing it out at the end of the arrow, and head in the direction the arrow is pointing.

The element of air is associated with masculinity, the direction east, and the colours white, blue and yellow – as well as transparency and translucency. The element of air is movable, mutable and malleable, it is reflective, and both insulates and penetrates. Air is transparent, light, compressible and expandable, and is a mediator. This element reacts to energy and carries fire.

The spiritual aspect of air is that of enlightenment, and the magic associated with it is mirror magic, and scrying. The deities associated with air are Zeus, Urania, Athena, Aradia and Thoth, and the wind spirit associated with air is Eurus. The air spirits, or air elementals are called sylphs, and the power animals of air are the eagle and the hawk.

The gemstones associated with air are aventurine, mica, pumice, mottled jasper and sphene. The incenses are sandalwood, or any mellow scent, and the tools are the athame and incense. The astrological air signs are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, and the Tarot suit of swords is also associated with air.

The image which embodies air is that of billowing clouds, and the symbol associated with it is the circle. The physical state of air is gas, and the physical action associated with it is thinking. The part of your body related to air is the mind, and the energy flow in your body for air is from the crown down. The time of life associated with air is from birth to childhood. The consciousness associated with air is intelligence, and the direction of view for the element of air is outwards.

The time of day for air is the dawn, and the season is Spring. The temperature of this element is warm and moist, and the feeling of air is free, cool and fresh. The taste associated with air is sweetness.

The heart chakra is associated with air, and the quabalistic action for air is movement. The non-local essence of this element is logos and switching mechanisms. The word of power for air is YOD-EH-VAV-HE, and the air affirmation is, ‘I am intelligent’. The body posture is upright, with arms raised parallel.

The human virtues associated with air are intelligence, practicality and joyousness, while the vices are impulsiveness, frivolity, boastfulness and gullibility. An excess of the air element can lead to daydreaming, living with one’s head in the clouds or being known as a chatterbox. A lack of this element can lead to a blank mind, shortness of breath or difficulties in communicating.

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