Elementals are the beings that are associated with, and said to inhabit the four different elements; earth, air, fire and water. Each different element has a different elemental, which is a form of energy, usually invisible to the human eye. If you are working magic associated with a particular element, you can ask for help from that elemental spirit.

Earth – Gnomes

Gnomes work with rocks, stones, metals, minerals, plants and earth. These short, and stocky spirits are said to be reluctant to help humans, although should you win one’s trust they will prove to be a loyal and powerful friend. Be careful not to offend them though, as they make formidable enemies.

Gnomes are ruled by Gob, hence the name Goblins.

They relate to the bones, in humans and animals.

Air – Sylphs

Sylphs work with winds, clouds, rain and snow. They appear as the typical idea of a fairy; dainty creatures, with gossamer fine wings. They are benevolent spirits, who are in general happy, active and very intelligent.

Sylphs are ruled by Paralda.

They relate to the mind, and imagination, as well as working with gasses and the nervous system.

Fire – Salamanders

Salamanders work with fire, and it is through their activities that fire exists. They sometimes appear at night, as a small, moving flame; referred to as St. Elmo’s Fire by old mariners. They are the most powerful of all elementals, and are thought of as passionate, energetic, and quick to anger, although any mischief caused by them is more likely due to their childlike nature, and lack of understanding that their actions have consequences.

Salamanders are ruled by Djin.

They relate to the emotions, and temperament, as well as general temperature.

Water – Undines

Undines work with all liquids; seas, oceans, rivers, marshes and swamps. They appear as the classic idea of a mermaid, or as a water nymph, and are the most friendly of all the elementals. They are benevolent spirits, although very emotional, and can affect your own emotions.

Undines are ruled by Necksa.

They relate to emotions, and are present in all liquids – in plants, animals and humans.

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