Rune Spreads

When laying out rune stones, there are almost as many different spreads as there are for Tarot cards. A few of the more popular ones are shown below. When laying out the runes you can draw them at random from a bag, so you can’t see what you’re picking or you can place them all face down, mixed up, on a table, and again choose at random.

Runes can appear reversed, as with Tarot cards, although not all users agree that a reversed rune should take on a different meaning. One practical reason for this is that some runes will appear the same upside down.

Three Rune Spread

1) Past, issues leading up to the current situation.
2) Present, issues currently affecting the situation.
3) Future, outcome of the current situation.

Four Element Spread

1) Earth. Physical lessons.
2) Water. Emotional lessons.
3) Fire. Unfolding destiny.
4) Air. Future wisdom.


1 / 2) Problems you face.
3 / 4) Factors influencing from the past.
5 / 6) Advice you should take.
7) Result if you follow the advice.

Celtic Cross Spread

1) The root of the problem.
2) Where you should direct your energy.
3) Problems you’re facing now.
4) What will help you overcome the problems.
5) What are you still lacking?
6) Outcome of the situation.

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