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Welcome to the encyclopedia of gemstones. You can view detailed information for each gemstone, including associations with elements, deities, Sabbats and more, different names for the stone, a description of its physical characteristics, a general overview of it and lengthy descriptions of its magical and medicinal properties as well as any lore and legend surrounding it.

To view this information, simply click on a gemstone name which has a picture below. Any names without pictures are works in progress, and you can check back soon to view more information on those gemstones.


The healing powers of crystals can help with myriad health problems, but they in no way should replace the care of a qualified professional. Always consult your doctor for any medical problems you may have, and use your gemstones to support, not replace, the treatment recommended by your doctor.




Sobriety Stones



Joelle’s Sacred Grove


Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic – Scott Cunningham
The Crystal Bible – Judy Hall
Rocks and Minerals – Dorling Kindersley
Crystals – Ken & Joules Taylor
Crystals and Crystal Healing – Simon Lilly


  • Agate

    Other Names There are many different forms of agate, for example; banded agate, blue lace agate, fire agate and moss agate. Associations Deity: Cerridwen, Bast, Odin, AsklepiosSabbat: MabonPlanet: MercuryElement: EarthZodiac:…

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  • Alexandrite

    Other Names Gem of the Tsars, Emerald by Day and Ruby by Night, Emerald by Day, Amethyst by Night Associations Deity: Neptune, PoseidonSabbat: LithaPlanet: Neptune, MoonElement: WaterZodiac: ScorpioChakra: Third eye,…

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  • Amazonite

    Other Names Amazon Stone, Amazon Jade Associations Deity: Nepthys, Baba Yaga, Artemis, AresSabbat: YulePlanet: SaturnElement: EarthZodiac: VirgoChakra: Heart

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  • Amber

    Other Names Good Luck Stone, Petrified Resin, Fossilized Resin, Baltic Gold, Succinite, Honey Stone, Petrified Sunlight, Resinite Associations Deity: Great Mother, Helios, BrighidSabbat: Fire Sabbats – Samhain, Imbolc, Beltane and…

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  • Amethyst

    Other Names Bacchus stone, Stone of Spirit, Stone of Integrity Amethyst can appear in a range of shades, some of which have their own particular name, for example; Siberian Amethyst…

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  • Ametrine

    Other Names Trystine, Bolivianite Associations Deity: God (Citrine) and Goddess (Amethyst) in balanceSabbat: Mabon, OstaraPlanet: Jupiter, NeptuneElement: Fire, WaterZodiac: LibraChakra: CrownOther Gems: Amethyst, Citrine

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  • Ammolite

    Other Names Calcentine, Korite, Buffalo Stone Associations Deity: AmmonSabbat: YulePlanet: JupiterElement: Fire, EarthZodiac: Taurus, LeoChakra: Third Eye

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  • Andalusite

    Other Names None known. Associations Element: Earth, AirChakra: Solar Plexus, Heart

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  • Angelite

    Other Names Anhydrite, Blue Anhydrite Associations Planet: VenusElement: WaterZodiac: AquariusChakra: Crown, ThroatOther Gems: Gypsum

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  • Apache Tears

    Other Names Black Obsidian Associations Deity: Saturn, CronosSabbat: MabonPlanet: Saturn, PlutoElement: FireZodiac: Capricorn, Sagittarius, ScorpioChakra: RootOther Gems: Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian

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  • Apatite

    Other Names Fluorapatite, Hydroxil-apatite, Clorapatite, Augustite, Asparagus Stone (green variety) Associations Deity: Jupiter, NeptunePlanet: Jupiter, NeptuneElement: WaterZodiac: Gemini, AquariusChakra: Throat

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  • Apophyllite

    Other Names Fisheye stone Associations Element: AirZodiac: Libra, GeminiChakra: Crown, Heart

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  • Aquamarine

    Other Names There are subtle variations in the shade of aquamarine, which are identified by names such as Santa Maria and Espirito Santo. Associations Deity: Poseidon, Neptune, AphroditeSabbat: OstaraPlanet: NeptuneElement:…

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  • Aragonite

    Other Names Mexican onyx Associations Planet: MarsElement: Water, EarthZodiac: CapricornChakra: Third Eye, Heart, BaseOther Gems: Ammonite, Calcite

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  • Atacamite

    Other Names Alacamite, Remolinite, Peruvian Green Sand (when reduced to a powder) Associations Element: EarthZodiac: AquariusChakra: Heart, Third EyeOther Gems: Chrysocolla

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