Celtic Gods & Goddesses

Welcome to the encyclopedia of Celtic Gods and Goddesses. You can view detailed information for each deity, including associations with elements, Sabbats, other gods and more, different names they may have been known by, a description of their origins, stories and lore surrounding them and much more information.

  • Aengus

    Associations Other Names: Áengus, Óengus, Aonghus, Aengus Óg – “Aengus the Young”, Mac ind Óg – “Son of the Young”, Maccan, Mac ÓgDeity: Tuatha Dé Danann, Maponos, Mabon ap ModronElement:…

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  • Arawn

    Associations Animal: Hounds

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  • Arianrhod

    Other Names “Silver Wheel” Associations Deity: Morgan le Fey, Artemis, SelenePlanet: Moon, also in Welsh the Corona Borealis is called Caer Arianrhod.Element: WaterAnimal: OwlSymbol: Wheel

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  • Badb

    Other Names Badhbh, Badb Catha – ‘Battle Raven’, ‘The Fury’ Associations Deity: NemainAnimal: Crow, WolfTriple Goddess Aspect: Crone

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  • Brigid

    Other Names Bride, Brigit, Bridget, Brid, Brigantia, Ffraid, ‘Fiery Arrow’, ‘Bright One’, ‘High One’. Associations Deity: CailleachAnimal: Cow, RavenTriple Goddess Aspect: MotherElement: Water, FireNumber: 19Symbol: White snake spiralled on a…

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