This is a quick reference check list for the qualities and properties of a range of different colours. You can use this information for a range of things, from interior decorating to choosing candle colours.

Black: Returning to sender, divination, negative work, protection.

Blue-black: Wounded pride, broken bones, angelic protection.

Dark Purple: Calling up the power of the Ancient Ones, sigils and runes, government.

Lavender: Invoke the righteous spirit within yourself, when doing good work.

Purple: Psychicness, royalty, loyalty, magick power.

Dark Green: Invoking Goddess of regeneration, agriculture, financial.

Mint Green: Financial gain, when used with gold or silver.

Green: Healing / health, north cardinal point, growth, balance, birth.

Avocado Green: New beginnings.

Light Green: Improve the weather, freshness.

Indigo Blue: Reveal deep secrets, protection on the astral levels, defences.

Dark Blue: Create confusion, use with white else you’ll confuse yourself.

Blue: Spirituality, thought, wisdom.

Royal Blue: Power, protection.

Light Blue: Protection of home, buildings and young, young males.

Ruby Red: Love and anger of a passionate nature, sex magick.

Red: Love, lust, energy, force, south cardinal point.

Light Red: Deep affection of a non-sexual nature.

Deep Pink: Harmony and friendship in the home.

Pink: Harmony and friendship with people, binding magick.

Pale Pink: Friendship, young females.

Yellow: Healing, happiness, wit, east cardinal point.

Deep Gold: Prosperity, sun magick, masculinity.

Gold: Attraction, Gods, enlightenment.

Pale Gold: Prosperity in health.

Burnt Orange: Opportunity, courage, honour.

Orange: Material gain, seal a spell, attraction.

Dark Brown: Nature, invoking earth for benefits.

Brown: Peace in the home, herb magick, practical, dependable.

Pale Brown: Material benefits in the home.

Silver: Quick money, gambling, moon magick, invocation of the moon, Goddesses.

Off White: Peace of mind.

Lily White: Mother candle.

White: Righteousness, purity, enlightenment, east cardinal point, devotional magick.

Grey: Glamouries, uncertainty, obscured, unclear.

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