Regional Links

The links on this page are to websites which have a specific regional focus. They may be the internet home of a group working in a specific area, or just be aimed at Pagans from a particular city, state or country. Hopefully you can use these links to find other Pagans near to you, but even websites for groups on the other side of the world can have useful, interesting information.

Pagan Awareness Network Australia
PAN is a not-for-profit educational association with members Australia-wide, which aims to correct misinformation, raise awareness and educate the general public about Paganism and associated beliefs and practises while fostering the growth of the Pagan community.

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Pagan Shops

Moons n Brooms
[USA, does not accept international orders]
Filled with all things metaphysical, magical and mystical. With products that are hand crafted by local artisans including their own staff.

Divination Supplies
[USA, accepts international orders]
Shop for witchcraft supplies, witch balls, wiccan sabbat baskets, scrying mirrors, wicca supplies, wishing bowls and divination tools for foretelling the future.

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Add A Link To Roots

You can create a link to Pagan Roots using the images and code examples below. If you want to use a picture, please right click on the image you like and choose ‘Save Image As’, then save it to your computer. Move it to the images folder of your website, and upload it to your web server. Then copy and paste the HTML code into the page you’d like to show the link on. In the code, change the section “address of the file on your server” to the address of the picture on your web server. If you’d prefer to just create a text link, you can copy the code for one of the first three example links given below, and simply paste it into your website, no changes needed.

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Community Links

Pagan Network
The Pagan Network is a free online information resource and online community for Pagans from different spiritual paths. Whether you are a Wiccan, a Shaman, a Druid or a Santerian, or simply love and respect nature and its life forms, this website offers a refreshing, inspiring look into the many different paths open to all Pagans today.

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