Days of the Week

This is a quick reference guide to various associations of the different days of the week. You could use this as a guide when planning magical or mundane activities.

Sunday: Associated with the sun (“Sun’s day”). Yellow. Health, hope, joy, individuality, leadership, power, prosperity.

Monday: Associated with the moon (“Moon’s day”). White. Spirituality, psychism, dreams, astral travel, intuition.

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This is a quick reference check list for the qualities and properties of a range of different colours. You can use this information for a range of things, from interior decorating to choosing candle colours.

Black: Returning to sender, divination, negative work, protection.

Blue-black: Wounded pride, broken bones, angelic protection.

Dark Purple: Calling up the power of the Ancient Ones, sigils and runes, government.

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Auras are part of a person’s own energy field. The name is derived from the Greek meaning ‘breeze’ or ‘air’ and this “air” emanates from every living being, and can be sensed by humans or picked up in an aura-imaging camera. The aura is divided into three parts; physical, mental and spiritual, with each being further from the body than the last. By sensing, or physically seeing the colors in a person’s aura you can tell how they are feeling physically, mentally and spiritually.

These are the colors commonly seen in auras and what they represent:

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