Auras are part of a person’s own energy field. The name is derived from the Greek meaning ‘breeze’ or ‘air’ and this “air” emanates from every living being, and can be sensed by humans or picked up in an aura-imaging camera. The aura is divided into three parts; physical, mental and spiritual, with each being further from the body than the last. By sensing, or physically seeing the colors in a person’s aura you can tell how they are feeling physically, mentally and spiritually.

These are the colors commonly seen in auras and what they represent:

Amber: Seeking change, strength, purpose, originality, intelligence, happiness, courage

Aquamarine: Freedom, compassion, affection, organised, motivated, good health

Black: Freedom, independence, strength, protectiveness, magick, changes, death and rebirth

Blue (Light): Intuition, sensitivity, strong gut instinct, in tune with others, balance, strength

Blue (Dark): Powerful sense of being, sound judgment, honesty, peace, tranquility, independence

Brown: Grounded, stability, calm, earthy, in tune with surroundings, exercise, connection to physical plane

Copper: Earthy, grounded, pragmatic, hard-working, dedication, common sense, conventional

Gold: Pure intention, psychic abilities, cleansing, self-knowledge, healing

Gray: Simplicity, boredom, masking fear, illness, unhappiness, death

Green (Dark): Growth, balance, reliable, friendly, calm, pragmatic, grounded,

Green (Light): Initiative, ability to make progress, financial success, grounded, less serious than dark green

Indigo: Psychic ability, mystery and magick, contemplation and reflection, spirituality

Lavender: Magick, light-heartedness, healing, meditation, imagination, harmony

Orange: Creativity, originality, motivation, opportunity, social interaction, vitality, communicative

Pink: Tenderness, romantic love, longing, harmony,

Red (Dark): Powerful ego, strong will, passion, desire, direction, purpose,

Red (Light): Joy, sexuality, femininity, erotic relationship, charismatic, sensitive,

Silver: Fertility, creativity, confidence, sexual connection to another, astral travel, strong psychic powers

Turquoise: Inspiration, ideals, positive attitude, energy, peace, comfortable in presence of others

Ultraviolet: Inspiration, vision, dreams, psychic ability,

Violet: Spiritual growth, imagination, vision, clairvoyance, originality

White: Spiritual healing, positive, advancement, awakening, balance, harmony, purification, enlightenment

Yellow: Excitement, optimism, mental clarity, happiness, positive energy, strong sense of direction, new growth

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