Days of the Week

This is a quick reference guide to various associations of the different days of the week. You could use this as a guide when planning magical or mundane activities.

Sunday: Associated with the sun (“Sun’s day”). Yellow. Health, hope, joy, individuality, leadership, power, prosperity.

Monday: Associated with the moon (“Moon’s day”). White. Spirituality, psychism, dreams, astral travel, intuition.

Tuesday: Associated with Tiw (“Tiw’s day”), and Mars. Red. Anger, action, strength, courage, energy, independance.

Wednesday: Associated with Woden (“Woden’s day”), and Mercury. Purple. Wisdom, divination, communication, creativity, travel.

Thursday: Associated with Thor (“Thor’s day”), and Jupiter. Blue. Wealth, legal matters, generosity, growth.

Friday: Associated with Freyja (“Freyja’s day”), and Venus. Green. Love, passion, marriage, pleasure, peace, music, beauty.

Saturday: Associated with Saturn (“Saturn’s day”). Black. Protection, banishing, freedom, obstacles, the elderly.

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