Other Names

“House of Horus”, “Mistress of the West”, “Eye of Ra”

A hymn to Hathor says: “Thou art the Mistress of Jubilation, the Queen of the Dance, the Mistress of Music, the Queen of the Harp Playing, the Lady of the Choral Dance, the Queen of Wreath Weaving, the Mistress of Inebriety Without End”.


Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Bat
Animals: Cow

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Other Names



Deity: Inanna, Ishtar, Anat, Sekhmet, Isis
Animal: Horse
Symbol: Naked woman on horseback with weapons, wearing atef crown or headdress with bull’s horns.

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Wadjet-Bast Egyptian GoddessOther Names

Bastet, Ubasti, Baset, Baast, Lady of Flame, Eye of Ra, Ailuros, Perfumed Protector, Pacht, Pasch


Deity: Artemis, Sekhmet
Animal: Cats, Lions
Symbol: Sistrum, Aegis

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Egyptian Gods & Goddesses

Welcome to the encyclopedia of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. You can view detailed information for each deity, including associations with elements, Sabbats, other gods and more, different names they may have been known by, a description of their origins, stories and lore surrounding them and much more information.

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