Other Names



Deity: Inanna, Ishtar, Anat, Sekhmet, Isis
Animal: Horse
Symbol: Naked woman on horseback with weapons, wearing atef crown or headdress with bull’s horns.

Family & Other Connections

Astarte is another Goddess who was adopted into the Egyptian pantheon. She was linked with the goddess Anat, and the two were said to be daughters of Ra and consorts of Set. Astarte was also said to be the daughter of Ptah.

Stories & Other Information

Astarte was known primarily in Egypt as a war goddess, like Anat and Sekhmet, but she was also associated with love and fertility. She was mainly worshipped in association with war, especially with chariots and horses, and was thought to protect the pharaoh in battle.

Despite this, it is likely that her other aspects were acknowledged. There has been found a statue which would seem to depict Isis and Horus in every part, except for the inscription which refers to Astarte instead.


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