Anat - Egyptian War Goddess

Other Names: Anath, “Mistress of the Sky”, “Mother of all the Gods”, Bin-Ptah – “Daughter of Ptah”
Deity: Reshpu, Neith, Hathor, Astarte
Symbol: Woman holding shield, spear and axe
Magic: War and aggressive female sexuality

Family & Other Connections

Anat was originally a deity of the Canaanites and Phoenicians, but was accepted into the Egyptian pantheon during the Hyskos period. She was said to be the sister or the consort of Baal, and was also sometimes regarded as the consort of the fertility god Min.

She is often linked with the goddess Astarte (Ashtart), and in the “Contest Between Horus and Set” the two appear as daughters of Re and were given in marriage to the god Set.

Information & Stories

Anat is a goddess of war, and was thought to protect the king in battle. She was sometimes said to be a virgin, and was linked with the god Set due to her violent warlike nature, but was also seen to have a strong sexual nature which made her an appropriate consort for the fertility god Min.


A war hound of Ramesses II was called “Anat in vigor” or “Anat in strength” and he named his daughter Bint-Anat – “Daughter of Anat”. One of his horses was named Ana-herte – “Anat is satisfied”.


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