Spirit Element

Circle symbol for the element of spirit or Akasha
Ouroboros representing spirit, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth
Invoking pentagram for the element of spirit
Banishing pentagram for the element of spirit

To use the invoking or banishing pentagram, begin tracing it out at the end of the arrow, and head in the direction the arrow is pointing.

The element of spirit transcends gender, and is associated with the centre of all directions, and the colours ultraviolet and white. Spirit is multidimensional; an essence which transcends earth, air, fire and water, yet remains immanent. The element of spirit is highly mutable, malleable, and mobile, it is transformative, balanced and enduring, and it is both compressible and expandable.

The deities associated with spirit are Isis, Buddha, Ahura, Mazda, Quan Yin, Zeus and Hera, and the wind spirit associated with the element is the tornado or power. The spirits associated with this element are demigods, Gods and Goddesses. The tools associated with spirit are the wand, athame, crystal and cauldron.

The image which embodies spirit is a pure blue / white light, and the symbols associated with it are the infinity sign, equal armed cross and ouroboros. The physical state of spirit is singularity. The part of a person related to this element is the spirit, and the energy flow is non-local. The time of life associated with spirit is full circle, from birth to death and rebirth. The consciousness associated with spirit is enlightenment, and the direction of view for the element of spirit is holistic.

The time for spirit is the past, present and future, and the age is aeons. The feeling of spirit is ecstasy and bliss.

The crown or third eye chakra is associated with spirit, and the quabalistic action for spirit is underlying essence. The non-local essence of this element is also underlying, and connected all. The word of power for spirit is OM, and the spirit affirmation is, ‘I am balanced. I am all’. The body posture is upright, back straight with arms swept out, and then lowered to the sides.

Spirit is beyond virtue and beyond vice.

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  1. Has anyone ever thought of looking for someone with that element because I think I might know one?

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