Aegir Norse God

Other Names: Hlér
Deity: Poseidon, Neptune, Njord
Element: Water
Animal: Sea creatures
Magic: Misfortune at sea

Family & Other Connections

Aegir is son of the giant Fornjótr. He is brother to Logi and Kári. Aegir’s wife is Rán the sea Goddess, their children are known as the nine billow maidens, and their individual names are descriptions of different kinds of wave. His servants are named Fimafeng and Eldir.

Information & Stories

Aegir is the God of the sea and all sea creatures. He was not thought of as a kindly God, instead choosing to capsize ships and drown the crews for his own amusement. A ship wrecked at sea was said to have gone into “Aegir’s wide jaws”.

Amongst the Gods he was far more pleasant, even being known for his hospitality. He often threw parties for the other Gods, and was famed for his skill in brewing ale. The white froth seen on top of waves is thought to come from his brewery. In his home, an underwater hall off the island of Hlesey, gold was spread on the floor to provide light instead of using a fire, and “Aegir’s fire” became another name for gold.


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