Abundantia Roman Goddess

Other Names: Abundia
Deity: Concordia, Fortuna, Ceres, Annona
Symbol: Cornucopia, sheath of grain, palm leaf
Magic: Fortune, abundance, calling good things into your life

Information & Stories

Abundantia is the Goddess of abundance, fortune and prosperity. She carries the Cornucopia, or horn of plenty, from which pours food, drink, riches and all other good things.

She is associated with many other Goddesses from different pantheons, including Fulla, Demeter and Erda. Although not much is known about Abundantia herself, from these associations we can infer that she was likely thought to reward the deserving, and offer special support to those who work hard and are generous with what they have.

Carrying the Cornucopia she also reminds us that we do not need to be greedy or miserly with our wealth; the horn will never be empty, and we will always be able to find opportunities and good fortune if we just keep our eyes open.


Abundantia was depicted on Roman coins during the 3rd century CE.


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