Badb Celtic GoddessOther Names

Badhbh, Badb Catha – ‘Battle Raven’, ‘The Fury’


Deity: Nemain
Animal: Crow, Wolf
Triple Goddess Aspect: Crone

Family & Other Connections

The trinity Morrigan is formed by Badb and her two sisters, although there is a great deal of confusion about exactly who was who.

Information & Stories

Badb is associated with the crow, and was said to take its form. She would be seen on the battlefield before war as a harbinger of the fate to come, and would take an active part in the battle, striking fear into the hearts of her enemies. She would create confusion amongst the soldiers, and feed off the resulting chaos. The battlefield was referred to as the ‘Garden of Badb’, and her arrival could mean ruin for whole armies, or for one specific person.

Badb would scream and wail to terrify her enemies, in a similar way to the Beansidhe or Banshee, and was known to appear as a ‘washer at the ford’, washing the armour of those who would fall in battle.


Badb is a goddess of war, chaos and death.


2 thoughts on “Badb”

  1. Babd is awsome!
    She’s one of my favorite goddesses, but i think that you only captured one side of her. She’s not only goddess of war, but also symbolizes life, enlightenment, wisdom and inspiration.

  2. a very inspiring Goddess indeed…one I love…one I am in love with…that stole my heart…I fight for her now, and I may die for her, but either way, I love her dearly…

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