Acca Larentia


Acca Larentia Roman Goddess

Other Names: Acca Larentina
Deity: Ceres, Flora, Muta
Magic: Fertility – particularly of the earth and city crops.

Family & Other Connections

Acca Larentia may be connected to the Lares, possibly deriving her name from them. She has twelve sons; coincidentally the number of country Lares.

Information & Stories

Acca Larentia is best known as the wife of the shepherd Faustulus. In this role she became the adoptive mother of Romulus and Remus, along with her own twelve sons. Alternatively she is also known as a beautiful girl who was won by Hercules in a game of dice. When Hercules tired of her, he advised her to marry the first wealthy man she met. This turned out to be a rich Etruscan, and when the man died she inherited all of his estate. When Acca Larentia in turn passed on she left this to the Roman people. In gratitude Ancus allowed her to be buried in the Velabrum, and instituted the Larentalia.


Her festival, the Larentalia, was celebrated on December 23rd.


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