Other Names

Amazon Stone, Amazon Jade


Deity: Nepthys, Baba Yaga, Artemis, Ares
Sabbat: Yule
Planet: Saturn
Element: Earth
Zodiac: Virgo
Chakra: Heart


Amazonite, a variety of microcline feldspar, comes in a variety of colours from pale blue to a deep bluish-green. It may also appear with grey, white or yellow lines in it, and is most often opaque, although it can occasionally be translucent, and rarely ever transparent. As it is normally opaque, it is usually presented with a rounded, polished surface, instead of facets. It has a hardness rating of 6-6.5, meaning it is not a very hard stone.


Amazonite was named after the Amazon river, although it has never been found there. Its name may have come about as other green stones have been found in that area. In fact, high quality amazonite can be mistaken for jade. Amazonite is now obtained from Brazil, Russia and America.

The use of amazonite dates at least as far back as Ancient Egypt, and although not particularly common, amazonite is quite affordable.


Amazonite is said to relieve stress and exhaustion, release fear and anxiety, and soothe the brain and nervous system. Its soothing effects extend to relieving muscle cramps and spasms, and menstrual cramps. During childbirth it assists with the dilation of the birth canal.

You can also use amazonite to control water retention, normalise calcium levels, combat osteoporosis and balance the metabolism. Amazonite can be used for problems relating to the eyes, liver, throat and thyroid. It can help deal with fevers, tooth decay and spinal difficulties.

Amazonite can improve clarity of thought, and assist in effective communication. It also improves one’s ability to cooperate with others, as well as giving stamina and bringing one back to center. Wear amazonite in contact with the ailing part of your body to bring relief.


Use amazonite to rejuvenate and harmonise your heart and throat chakras. It is also reputed to unlock psychic vision when held to one’s third eye, and will help you see life more clearly. Amazonite will calm all your chakras after you have been exposed to negative energies.

It is soothing and calming, dispels negative energy, heals sadness and grief, and balances male and female energies. It will help eliminate irritation, and self-damaging and self-destructive behaviour.

Amazonite can encourage creativity, eloquence and sincerity. It can give you the courage to deal with difficult situations, face unpleasant truths and make tough decisions. Amazonite can be used for confidence in oneself and in others. It cen help you trust your intuitions and follow your convictions.

Amazonite is also useful for love – developing a love of self, or self-respect, improving one’s married life and aiding communications in matters of love. It can restore one’s spiritual faith, and pave the way to a more trusting relationship with spirit. Amazonite can be used for openness, faith, power and integrity.

Legend & Lore

Amazonite was used extensively by the Egyptians, who associated it with courage. It is said to have been worn on the breastplates of ancient chieftains.

It is also suggested that Amazonite was named for the Amazon women warriors. The Amazons were a matriarchal society who, according to a Brazilian legend, gave green stones to the men who visited them.

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