Elder Futhark Runes

The Elder Futhark is the oldest of the runic alphabet systems and was in use from the second to eighth centuries, before giving way to the Younger Futhark and Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. We don’t actually have any direct evidence for the names of these runes, but there have been reconstructions made using Proto-Germanic, Old Norse and Old English. What is known is that as well as being used as a writing system, runes were probably used for magic in some way from their earliest appearance.

The system of runic divination used today however dates back only as far as the late 1900’s. The first book on modern runic divination, The Book of Runes: A Handbook for the Use of an Ancient Oracle by Ralph Blum, was published in 1982 and several other systems of divination and runic magic emerged at about the same time. These generally have each rune inscribed on an object – often gemstones or small pieces of wood – which are then all placed into a bag or face down on some surface, and then chosen from at random and laid out in a rune stone spread. The answer being sought from the reading can be determined by examining both the individual rune’s position in the spread and its own particular meaning.

Rune Stone Meanings

Feoh: Spiritual richness to be used for the benefit of all. Discernment is important though.

Ur: The strength to fulfil dreams, but it comes with responsibility. —————————————————————————————-

Thorn: The power to face anything in your path. You have spiritual authority, but with it comes responsibility – you must keep your feet on the ground.

Ansur: The answers you’re looking for are already there, you just have to look for them. Make sure you’re not ignoring them because you don’t like the message.

Rad: Recognise that everything comes in cycles – by following them you can progress quickly and efficiently. Align yourself to the turning of the wheel of year. Challenges will bring their equal and opposite reward as the wheel turns.

Ken: You’re coming into new understanding of life and its meanings, do not be complacent about it. Look for ways to use it for the benefit of others – enlightenment must be given before it can be gained, although it is not your goal – only the start of an adventure.

Geofu: A gift is headed your way; accept and be prepared to give in return. In the end the gift is worth the price, however you must learn the value of responsible giving. There are people who don’t want to receive, and giving to them is merely a waste of your time and energy.

Wynn: Strive for balance and harmony, and happiness will follow. It will come only from truth and honesty though, and from searching from solutions not dwelling on problems.

Hagall: There are challenges heading your way, but they are to be embraced, not feared. Grit your teeth and face them head on – they’re nothing more than stepping stones on the way to your dreams, and every one comes to teach you.

Nied: You have what you need for progress on your path, however it may not be what you want. This state is not permanent however; you need to accept the past, trust in the future and live in the present.

Is: Things may appear to be at a standstill for now, but there is a reason for it – don’t force movement. You need patience to wait for change and wisdom to decide how to use your waiting time. You should spend this time in contemplation and preparation, not depression and regret.

Jera: Now is the time to reap rewards from your past efforts. This harvest will require great work however, there is no time for complacency. The winter of more hard lessons lies ahead and you would do well to ensure you’ve stored up enough wisdom and knowledge. This is a turning point in your life.

Eoh: Now is a time of transformation – release the old and embrace the new. A time of death of the past, and a new life ahead. To make quick efficient progress you must embrace this change, not resist it.

Peorth: You always have a choice. No one can upset you, you choose to be upset. No-one can control you, unless you choose to allow them to. Claim your power of choice and feel secure in the knowledge that the only danger lies in not choosing; that path will disempower you.

Elhaz: The path ahead of you is fraught with danger, but you will be protected. As long as you are sensible, you will be safe. Do not become complacent.

Sigel: Good fortune awaits you and there is a positive feel to everything. It may not seem like it, but this is the ideal time to explore the darker side of your nature. The positive power will allow you to deal with these without fear. The answers to your problems are not within your grasp.

Tyr: This is a time of initiation into new understandings. There is no need for fear, victory is guaranteed if your heart remains true. This is also a time to make use of all the wisdom and skills that you have gained so far.

Beorc: Now is the time for making new beginnings, there is great energy and activity. You may sow the seeds now, but don’t expect rewards right away – harvest is a long way off and the seeds will need nurturing to grow. Get rid of the old now to make way for the new.

Ehwaz: You are supported by friends, so you can make swift progress in life, but you must be as supportive to them. Be proud of your achievements, yet remain outwardly humble.

Mann: Destiny awaits you – claim it. Embrace everything that happens, because it comes to teach you. By learning each lesson as it presents itself you will grow and learn.

Lagu: Only by attunement to creation will your life flow as it’s meant to. Balance inside will come from balance outside – eating and existing in tune with nature. Embrace change for it’s the only constant in life.

Ing: You are on a spiritual path and though you may seem isolated, remind yourself that inside you the fire of inspiration burns. You must strive to learn more, never become complacent.

Othel: It is time to refocus, fix your dream firmly in mind and your positive thoughts will attract positive energies. Don’t force things, allow them to develop naturally.

Daeg: The power of light shines before you, guiding you on your path. It protects you as long as you remain true. It gives you the clear vision to see, and avoid any dangers that may enter your life. The only warning is against being blinded, not by the light, but by your ego. You must remain thankful for what success you have.

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