Agrimonia Eupatoria

Other Names

Church Steeples, Cocklebur, Stickwort, Garclive, Mur-druidhean


Planet: Jupiter
Element: Air
Gender: Masculine


Agrimony is a mild astringent and diuretic.


Agrimony is a dark green plant, with oval leaves which have jagged edges. The small, pale yellow flowers grow on spikes, giving Agrimony its other name; Church Steeples. Another name for Agrimony – Cocklebur – comes from the fruits which grow at the top of the plant and are covered in hooked bristles.


Used primarily for healing wounds; an application of Agrimony will staunch any bleeding and help the injury to heal. A tonic made up from Agrimony is good for treating stomach complaints and diarrhoea, and can assist in the assimilation of food. Agrimony can also be used as a gargle to treat sore-throats or laryngitis.

Agrimony has been used for a great many other ilnesses and disorders over the years. It has been called an ‘all-heal’ remedy, been used by the Greeks to treat all eye problems, used by the Anglo-Saxons to heal wounds and used until late in the C19th to treat skin problems, asthma and gynecological problems.


Agrimony protects against poison, evil and all negative energies. It can also be used to reverse spells and hexes and send them back to the caster. It is also useful for sleep and dreams.

Other Information

Agrimony was once used to detect the presence of witches! Supposedly if placed under the head of a sleeping person, they will only awaken when the plant is removed.

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