Acacia Senegal

Other Names

Gum Arabic, Gum Senegal, Gum Acacia


Deity: Ra, Osiris, Astarte, Diana, Ishtar
Planet: Sun
Element: Air
Gender: Masculine


Acacia is non-toxic when ingested, but some people are allergic to Acacia dust, and may develop skin problems or asthma attacks if given prolonged exposure to it.


Acacia is a small deciduous tree which grows mainly in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa, as well as Pakistan and India. It grows to a height of between 5 and 12m, and its trunk can grow up to 30cm in diameter.

Acacia has small needle-like leaves, and yellow flowers and bark that can range in colour from grey to brown to blackish.


Acacia is widely used to treat sore throats and coughs as it soothes and protects inflamed tissues. For this reason it is also often used to treat stomach and intestinal problems, and diarrhoea. When made into a poultice it can be used to treat burns and leprosy, and it is said to be particularly good when used like this as it retains its warmth and moisture.

Acacia is also useful in the treatment of kidney ailments and eye disorders. It can also be beneficial for sore nipples caused by breatfeeding.


Acacia is reputedly good for psychic powers, awareness and dreams. It can be used for meditation or visions, and can aid inspiration. A spring placed over the bed will ward off evil and bad dreams.

You can also use Acacia for protection and purification, annointing and spirituality. Acacia is useful for platonic love and for money.

Other Information

Other uses include fireworks, paints, ink, glue, glazes, cosmetics and more.

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