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Deities: Kronos
: Goose, snakes
Symbol: Reed, often shown as a man with green skin

Family & Other Connections

Geb’s parents were Shu and Tefnut, and his sister and consort is Nut. He is father to Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys. Some texts give his mother as Neith.

Stories & Other Information

Geb is god of the earth and usually represented laying beneath the arched body of his sister-consort Nut. His body is the earth, and hers the sky. As the earth was thought of as Geb’s body, he was a very important deity for Ancient Egyptians. He was the source of plants, waters and livestock, and if he withheld his blessings an area could suffer drought or crop failure. Earthquakes were said to be the laughter of Geb.

Geb was often described as the father of snakes, with another name for snake being “son of the earth”. Geb, as the earth, also represented the grave. The dead were thought to ‘enter into Geb’ or to sleep in his house.


Geb was widely associated with healing powers, from curing colds to healing scorpion stings.


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