Amun Egyptian God

Other Names: Amon, Amen, Amoun, Ammon, Amune, Imen, Yamun
Deity: Amun-Ra, Amun-Min, Zeus,
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Animal: Ram, Criosphinx
Symbol: Two vertical plumes
Magic: Represents the hidden, and the essential. Upholder of truth, justice and goodness.

Family & Other Connections

Amun had no mother and father; he created himself. He was married to Wosret, Amunet and Mut, and he is father to Khonsu.

Information & Stories

When Thebes became the capital city of Egypt, Amun went from being the local patron deity, to one of national importance. He was seen as champion and defender of the poor, and the less fortunate. He was associated with Ma’at, and her virtues of truth and justice.

When Egypt conquered Kush they associated Amun with the chief Kush deity. This God was depicted as ram-headed and so through him Amun became associated with the ram and with virility.

As the worship of Amun continued to grow he became associated with another chief deity, the Sun God Ra. Eventually the two were merged together to become Amun-Ra.

Areas outside of Egypt to which the worship of Amun has spread continued to do so after his decline in Egypt. In Nubia he was known as Amune and was worshipped as a national deity, in Greece he was known as Ammon, and had statues and temples dedicated to him.


Several words in every day use today descend from the Greek name for Amun; Ammon. Some examples are ammonia and ammonite.


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