Witchcraft & Magic

Everyday Magic

Dorothy Morrison
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This is a book of spells, not a guide to practising Wicca. While it is beneficial to put the effort into writing your own spells, if you are a beginner you may feel more comfortable using these simple spells to get a feel for what you should be doing. Furthermore Morrison’s book does provide spells for a wide range of goals, and you can start writing your own by basing them on the ones she’s given you.

Liber Null and Psychonaut

Peter Carroll
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This is an introduction to chaos magic, in which no one paradigm is believed to be true, instead the chaos magician selects beliefs as means to an end. It’s about magic, and not religion, and is an interesting book if you’ve never come across these ideas before, and will help you learn more about yourself through consideration of the content. A serious flaw would be that Carroll presents opinions as fact, as many other authors writing for the occult and New Age tend to do. He also neglects to mention any sources for the information, though if you study Crowley’s works you’ll start to realise where Carroll drew his inspiration from.

Mastering Witchcraft

Paul Huson
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This is most definitely not a book about Wicca. Instead it offers information about magic, spells and covens with no religious moral or ethical constraints. Approach this with an open mind and a firm sense of your own ethical beliefs and you’ll find interesting information on magic, and a view of witchcraft before Wicca gained the following it has today. Take from it what you like, ignore what you don’t, and appreciate the fact that for once an author has soundly acknowledged that magic has both positive and negative uses.

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