Wicca 201

Elements of Ritual, The

Deborah Lipp
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This is quite a detailed book on the Celtic deities, with a Wiccan slant to it. The authors do not give any actual rituals, however they do provide suggestions for appropriate things you can do to honour them. They also take care to differentiate between known fact and hypothesis based on personal experience. The only criticism may be that though the scope of the book is broad, the depth of information on each individual deity is not that good. This should not dissuade you from reading the book if you are looking for a good introduction to the Celtic pantheon.

Mastering Candle Magick

Patricia Telesco
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While I wouldn’t agree with the subtitle; that this will teach you anything ‘advanced’, it is a step up from Wicca 101 books. Telesco doesn’t talk down to you, but simply assumes you already know the basics and moves on to the process of creating candle magic spells. After this, the bulk of the book contains the basis of many different spells, organised into different categories according to need or intention. There are also appendixes, and an index for easy reference.

Witchcraft: A Mystery Tradition

Raven Grimassi
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This book falls somewhere between a Wicca 101 book, and intermediate level reading. Grimassi offers up information and thoughts on history, the God and Goddess, and the Sabbats as well as more general ideas such as energy and reincarnation. Also included is a decent bibliography with a good range of books for further reading.

Witches’ Bible, A

Janet & Stewart Farrar
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The Farrars provide a wealth of information in this book, covering a great range of topics from the Sabbats to ethics, magic to ritual. The writing is easy to read, although there’s no trace of fluffiness. Instead this book contains some insights into British Traditional Wicca, as well as the early days of the religion – admittedly in a sometimes opinionated form. Overall this is a very valuable book which will give you a lot to think about, help you learn more than can be found in a Wicca 101 book and should definitely be on your bookshelf.

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