Children That Time Forgot, The

Peter Harrision & Mary Harrison
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This is a really thought-provoking book, providing many accounts of children’s experiences and memories of past lives. The authors give quite a lot of detail on some cases, investigating the children’s descriptions of places and people from their past lives, and seeing if they can find any evidence for its veracity. The book also gives an account of visions of children after they have died, and considers theories such as regression therapy. It’s a fairly old book by now, and there has been a lot more research done into past lives since it was written, however the stories contained within are still touching and worth mulling over.

Many Lives, Many Masters

Brian Weiss
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Dr. Weiss is a psychiatrist, and this book is a fascinating account of one of his patients’ past lives. Dr. Weiss had been intending only to regress her to her childhood, and was surprised when she regressed further into her past lives. He recorded further regression sessions with her, and it is those transcripts that make up this interesting book.

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