Qabalah & Chakras

Exploring Chakras

Susan Shumsky
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This is a really good book for those wishing to learn about kundalini and the chakra system. Shumsky’s years of experience allow her to give very good background information before discussing each chakra in detail and moving on to cover exercises and techniques for working with the chakras. Her writing is easy to read, and yet she still manages to provide the reader with detailed, interesting and important information, and practical exercises.

Magic of Qabalah

Kala Trobe
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This is a good introduction to the hermetic Qabalah (there are a few variations on the spelling) which attempts to engage the reader by introducing the Tree of Life and the sephiroth as more than stuffy text on a page. It includes a description of the Tree of Life, the Sephiroth, the paths between spheres and a short symbolic story.

Wheels of Life

Anodea Judith
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This is a very nice introduction to the chakras, beginning with basic concepts, then devoting a chapter to each chakra, including physical and meditational exercises for each. Anodea finished with more practical information, such as the interaction between chakras, and chakras in children.

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