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Finish the encyclopedias

I’ve been getting on quite well with these lately, but there’s still a long way to go. I need to finish writing entries for my herbal and gemstone encyclopedia, and for the listing of gods and goddesses from various pantheons.

Have been updating the deities pages – slightly tweaking the associations part to include ‘other names’ and magic, turning the ‘showsquareadright’ insert into an ‘ad’ insert, adding a ‘banner’ insert at the bottom of the page and editing the meta description to include a description of the deity (eg: ‘about adonis’ becomes ‘about adonis, god of beauty’) and adding a few more keywords (‘adonis, god adonis, greek god adonis PLUS: information on adonis, information about adonis, information on the god adonis, information on the greek god adonis, adonis god of beauty, stories about adonis).

Book reviews

I want to go through the books I currently own, and yes there are many of them, and write an in-depth review for each one. This will be in addition to the recommended reading guide which just gives a brief overview; I want to break each book down into chapters and go through each one to give people a really good idea of whether or not the book would be useful to them.

Tarot card information

I want to scan in every one of my Tarot cards – at least from my Rider-Waite deck – so I can provide pictures for each card. Done! 01/12/11.
I also want to write a guide for interpreting each one of the Minor Arcana cards as at the moment I only have a very brief overview.


I want to give information on holidays and festivals other than the Wiccan Sabbats and Esbats, whether they are still being celebrated in modern times, or were special occasions for various ancient cultures. I could also expand the information on the pages I currently have.

How to write a spell

Since I quite often say that you should write your own spells and rituals, I think it would be useful to add a guide explaining how you might actually go about doing this. This is something I could add in the ‘Ritual’ section of the website.

Media articles

I’ve created a section to house posts relating to current media; film, tv, news, music and novels. I want to examine how Paganism, Wicca and witchcraft are portrayed in the media, for example in shows like Buffy and books like Harry Potter. I also want to add posts on any news items that might be relevant to modern Wiccans, and on any musicians that have a Pagan theme to their music.

Best of the Web

I’ve spent a lot of time networking with Pagan Roots, and have seen a lot of wonderful websites that other people have created. I think it would be nice to create some kind of ‘best of the web’ award for sites I think are truly outstanding. I could do this in the same manner as book reviews – dedicate a whole page to the site that wins the award each month/fortnight/indeterminate time period.

Life after death

I want to add a page exploring different Wiccan and Pagan views on what happens to a person after they die. This could cover topics like the spirit or soul, reincarnation and the Summerland.

Dedication ceremony

In the ritual section I would like to add a page explaining what a dedication ceremony is, and how you might write one for yourself.


I would like to have a page about meditation; different forms of meditation, and a guide to achieving a meditative state. Since meditation is not one of my strong points, perhaps I could go back the beginning and make a point of practising daily; then I could write a page based closely on my own experiences. I could include information on visualisation here, or create a separate page for it.

Divination methods

In the divination section I could add pages on scrying and dowsing.


Done! Signs and symbols – 28/11/11 and Sigils – 02/12/11.

Types of magic

I want to create pages in the ritual section for information on candle magic and cauldron magic.

Traditions and faiths

I want to expand the current page to give more information on each tradition, and to list more traditions. I could include links to websites that focus on a particular tradition.

Origins of Wicca

I think I need to dedicate a page to exploring the origins of Wicca, with an emphasis on just how new it is, and how many of the practises are ‘reconstructions’ of what we believe older cultures may have done.


Done! Affirmations – 24/11/11.

Drawing down the moon

I could create a page in the ritual section with an explanation of what drawing down the moon is.


I want to write a page about the use of drugs in ritual, religion and vision questing, for example Ayahuasca and Peyote. I do not advocate the use of drugs – always obey your local laws!

Triple Goddess

I want to write a page explaining the idea of a ‘triple Goddess’ and the aspects of maiden, mother and crone.

The Morrigan

The triple goddess known as the Morrigan is very confusing when it comes to the individual deities involved. I want to write a page trying to explore the various different accounts of which goddesses were part of the Morrigan.


I could add pictures of the Theban and Malachim alphabets.

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