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There are a great many Pagan and Wiccan sites on the internet which will give you ready-made spells or rituals, which will give you step by step guides to performing magic, or will give you endless lists of names with no depth to the information. Roots is different.

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On this site you will find the information you are looking for, along with personal thoughts, insights and opinions. More than that though, I have tried to explain why these things are done. It is all very well to have examples of what to do, but unless you understand why they are done it will be much harder to create your own versions. Why do you need to create your own rituals and spells? I believe there is only one rule in Wicca; find what works for you.

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Using things which other people have written is a good way to get used to practising Wicca, but much of it is simply what the author has found works for them. There is no one right way to word a spell, or perform a ritual and you will find that the most effective workings you do are ones which you have tailored for your wants and needs. Magic is about your mind, not about what you say or do; these are simply prompts to help you achieve the right state of mind. With a solid understanding of why different things are done, you will be able to better understand the rituals and spells that others have created, as well as being that much closer to creating your own effective magical workings.

Ouroboros representing spirit, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth

Remember while reading through the articles and information on this site that I am simply presenting my own thoughts and opinions for you to consider. I hope you’ll find it both interesting and helpful, but I would always recommend further reading, and experimentation to see what works for you.

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I’ve used this website to try and collect as much useful information as possible, all in one place. You will find articles on a variety of topics from the very basic, such as What Is Wicca?, Words and Phrases and Tools of the Craft, to more specific sections on herbs, gemstones and Pagan deities as well as examples of poetry and prose, humour and recommended reading.

The examples given above are by no means a complete list of the pages on this website, and I encourage you to explore using either the drop down menu near the top of the page, the various tags listed at the right hand side or the search box at the top of the right hand column.

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