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Wicca: For The Rest Of Us
Information about Wicca primarily aimed at other Wiccans addressing some of the problems and generally silliness that inundate us.

A Witch’s Cauldron
Specifically created for actively practicing Witches of any path, from practicing beginner to advanced, that follow the ‘Harm None’ rede, Karma, or other positive creed.

Joelle’s Sacred Grove
At this site you’ll find lots of Celtic and Wiccan information, herb lore, candlemaking instructions and plenty of other goodies.

Walking the Witch’s Path
Magick, myth, astrology, esoteric and cosmic spirituality.

Moon Mistress’ Pagan Library
Personal website of a ‘basic, average, Garden Variety Pagan” with information on herbs, their use, their folklore, their associations and more.

Twisted Tree
Twisted Tree contains information about all sorts of things related to paganism like standing stones, crystals, dragons, rituals, folklore and more.

This is Pendragon’s website containing lots of information on a range of topics. I recommend taking some time to browse through the large list of articles.

One Witch’s Way
Personal blog of Rowan Pendragon where she talks about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, magick, metaphysics and Tarot from the perspective of a student, a teacher, and a practitioner.

Messages in the Moonlight
This website has information on Wiccan beliefs, misconceptions, practices, etiquette, chakras, meditation, divination, herbs, humor, magick and spells, ritual and prayer, history, and so much more!

A Witchy Life
Sita blogs about a number of topics, including methods of divination, interaction between human and the divine, and mythology and deities, as well as posting news articles from other sources that relate to paganism.

Daily Wicca
A huge range of information aiming to educate and inform. To guide people on their spiritual path. To offer a variety of beliefs to help those looking for their way.

Witches of the Craft
A personal blog with a huge amount of information, from soaps and brews to ritual working and spellcrafting.

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  1. Thank you so much for the link, dear friend. I would be more than happy to add a banner to your site on my blog. It is a pleasure to meet you. I must say I am very delighted that you stumbled upon my site.
    Blessings to you and yours,
    Lady A

    1. You’re quite welcome. :o) I enjoyed reading through your site myself, so I figured my visitors would like it as well!

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