People have always been interested in the patterns that appear in numbers, attaching certain meanings and relevance to particular values. Various numerological methods exist which assign numbers to letters so that words can be converted into values to be analysed. This can be applied to anything, from your name or birthplace to everyday words. The Hebrew system of Gematria does this very thing and says that words or phrases that equate to the same numerical value must bear some relation to each other.

Working out your name as a number

You can try this with your first name, full name, magical name or anything else you choose.

Let’s take ‘Kyridwen‘ as an example.

Values are assigned to letters as shown in the table below:


As we can see above, K=2, Y=7, R=9, I=9, D=4, W=5, E=5, N=5

Now we add these together: 2+7+9+9+4+5+5+5 = 46

Because we have reached a double digit number, we add the digits together until we have a single digit answer.

4+6 = 10
1+0 = 1

If your name initially added up to a value of say, 38, you would add 3+8 = 11, and then add 1+1 = 2 to get your final number.

There are many different meanings attached to numbers, but you can check my version of them below to see if your personal number seems to fit you.

Significance of Numbers

Numbers can also be significant in a far more straight-forward manner. When you are considering magical work, think about the goal you want to achieve or the theme of your work and find a number that represents this. See if you can incorporate this number into the work you are planning. For example if you were focussing on starting a new endeavour you might choose to use five candles in your ritual or – if you were feeling particularly brave – writing a chant in iambic pentameter. You could be accompanied by a drum beat in rhythm with your words as well. There are many ways that you can try and encorporate the use of numbers into your magical and mundane life, and the only limit is your imagination.

0 – Goddess, birth, womb, Spirit, infinity, constant, no beginning or end, a never ending circle, everything and nothing, unity and oneness

1 – Sun, male, God, fire, dominant, creation, invention, the universe, the beginning, ambition, personal ability, winning, rigidity, aggression, primal, passion, self reliance, fulfillment, happiness, uniqueness,

2 – Moon, duality, water, God and Goddess, life and death, good and evil, male and female, balance, partnership, cooperation, peace, emotion, flexibility, adaptability, devotion, subconscious

3 – Holy trinity, air, Maiden, Mother and Crone, triad Goddesses, fertility, triangle, things happening in threes, growth, expansion, threefold, physical, mental and spiritual balance, creativity, wit, speech, intellect, society, culture, Saturn

4 – Four elements, earth, four compass point, four directions of a crossroad, four seasons, hard work, stability, no short cuts, practicality, life’s lessons, progress, profit, power, justice, law, health and wealth, Jupiter

5 – The five senses, the pentagram, the elements plus akasha, freedom, individuality, expansion, change, new beginnings, opportunities, communication, movement, life, symbols, subconscious, self-expression, Mars

6 – A sixth sense, psychic powers, premonition, clairvoyance, nurturing, caring, supportive, protective, provider, community, agriculture, economy, simplicity, charity, Sun

7 – The seven chakras, seven planes of existence, seven days in a week, victory, the planets the ancients knew of, magick, science, education, the written word, mathematics, logic, secrets, religion, ritual, Venus

8 – The number of Sabbats, wealth, power, pomp, potential, gambling, intensity, material objects, possesions, business, employment, skills, investment, money, Mercury

9 – Increased powers, 3 x 3, completion, the end, maturity, compassion, Goddess, Moon, higher self, charity, philanthropy, mysticism, divine wisdom, enlightenment, optimism

10 – Strength, perfection, completion, unity, reaching for a goal, effort, the basis of our number system

11 – Nirvana, being one with yourself, mastery of a certain area, enlightenment, inspiration, self-expression, dreamer

12 – The year, day and night, spiritual strength

13 – The number of lunar months in a year, ideal number of witches in a coven, birth, death, luck, superstition, beginning, end, change, lucky number

14 – Unity of two souls

15 – Release, absolution, good fortune

16 – Youth, change, maturity

17 – Soul

21 – The number of full moons (esbats) and sabbats in a year, Goddess

22 – Mastery of the planes of existence; physical, mental and astral, manifestation, evolution, technology, the universe

26 – Earth and the physical plane of existence

28 – A number of the moon and hence of the Goddess

33 – Mastery of the spiritual plane, acceptance of the duality of life, good and evil

101 – Fertility

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