This is a quick check list cross referencing aims or intentions with planets and elements.

Banishing: Saturn. Fire.

Beauty: Venus. Water.

Courage: Mars. Fire.

Divination: Mercury. Air.

Employment: Sun / Jupiter. Earth.

Exorcism: Sun. Fire.

Fertility: Moon. Earth.

Friendship: Venus. Water.

Happiness: Venus / Moon. Water.

Healing: Moon. Water.

Healing, burn away infection: Mars. Fire.

Home: Saturn / Earth. Water.

Joy: Venus. Water.

Money: Jupiter. Earth.

Peace: Moon. Water.

Power: Sun / Mars. Fire.

Protection: Sun / Mars. Fire.

Psychism: Moon. Water.

Purification: Saturn. Fire / Water.

Sex: Mars / Venus. Fire / Water.

Sleep: Moon. Water.

Spirituality: Sun / Moon. Water.

Success: Sun. Fire.

Travel: Mercury. Air.

Wisdom: Mercury. Air.

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