Aloe Vera

Other Names

Common Aloe, Medicinal Aloe, Burn Plant,

Related Species

Aloe Arborescens, Aloe Aristata, Aloe Variegata (Tiger Aloe)


Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Gender: Feminine


The yellow-green sap of the Aloe Vera is an irritant. When Aloe Vera has been processed to remove the aloin that causes this irritation it is believed to be safe in moderate doses.


Aloe is an easily recognisable plant with its thick fleshy leaves. These can be grey-green to a vibrant green, and may show white flecks. The leaves also have serrated edges with white ‘teeth’ along the edges. Aloe Vera can grow up to 1m tall and produces small yellow pendulous flowers.


The clear liquid exuded by the inner leaf when cut or crushed has soothing properties. The sap is said to be beneficial for the healing of wounds or burns – including sunburn – giving the plant one of its alternate names; Burn Plant.

When taken internally Aloe Vera is supposed to be good for diabetes, hepatitis and colitis. It has also proved a useful tool in fighting cancer in cats and dogs, although it has not worked for humans.


Aloe is good for both protection and healing, magical properties which echo the plant’s appearance and medicinal qualities. Keep in the home to protect those within it and guard against accidents. Hang over the doorway to drive away negative influences and bring good luck. Aloe Vera is also helpful for dealing with feelings of loneliness.

Other Information

In Ancient Egypt, Queen Cleopatra attributed her famous beauty to the daily use of Aloe Vera cream.

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