Adam and Eve

Aplectrum Hyemale

Other Names

Putty Root


Deity: God and Goddess
Planet: Venus
Element: Water
Gender: Masculine and Feminine


This plant is becoming increasingly rare. If you find this in the wild, leave it alone.


Adam and Eve is a species of Orchid, with delicate flowers which are pale yellow at the base, fading to pale purple at the tip. The leaves are easily recognisable, appearing in late November and lasting until March they are broad with a unique pin-stripe pattern in silver-grey and green.


Nothing is known of the medicinal values of Adam and Eve.


Representative of love and partnership, carry a pair of roots with you to attract deep and lasting love. Give to a couple to ensure their continued happiness.

Other Information

The name ‘Adam and Eve’ comes from the roots which grow intertwined. The new growth (Eve) produces the leaves and flowers while the previous year’s growth (Adam) is still present. The name ‘Putty Root’ comes from the glue-like fluid obtained from crushing the roots, which used to be used by Native Americans as a form of putty or glue.

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