Asgard Home of the Norse GodsOther Names

Asgarth, Esageard, Asgardr


Deity: Odin, Frigg
Place: Valhalla

Information & Stories

Asgard was not a god, but rather home to gods. In Norse mythology Asgard was one of nine worlds and was the country or city of the Aesir, one of the Norse pantheons of gods. It was ruled over by Odin and his wife Frigg, who lived in a great hall called Valaskjalf. Valhalla, an enormous hall where those who die in combat go, is also located within Asgard, and in all there were 12 halls built for the most important of the Aesir.

The wall surrounding Asgard was built by the frost-giant, Hrimthurs, and the single entrance, known as ‘bifrost’ or ‘rainbow bridge’ was guarded by the god Heimdall.


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