Candle Divination

If you want to know the future of a relationship, try using candle divination. Think about your relationship, what it means to you and what you’d like to know about the future. Light a candle and gaze into the flame while holding those thoughts in your mind. Watch the candle flame and compare to the list below to get your answer.

Rises straight up: A good sign, you should continue with confidence.

Rises to the left: Proceed only with caution, else stop and wait for better timing.

Rises to the right: Love’s path should be smooth.

Clear, even flames: A pure, even tempered relationship.

Bright flames: A healthy, passion filled relationship.

Pale flames: An unhealthy relationship.

Blue flames: Spiritual or emotional storms ahead.

One sided: An unbalance in the relationship.

Not catching fire: Lack of passion, or interest.

Doesn’t burn: The situation won’t work, or will take a lot of effort.

Smoke without fire: A relationship that is an illusion, or a falsehood, filled with insecurity.

Sparks: A good relationship, but there may be problems with hot tempers.

Roaring: Arguments or fiery passion.

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