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Essential Golden Dawn, The

Chic Cicero & Sandra Cicero
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This is a really well-written introduction to the Golden Dawn, and definite recommended reading for any Wiccans who would like to explore where some of the ideas present in Wicca came from. This is further reading as it will help you expand your knowledge on such topics as the history and structure of the Golden Dawn, yet it remains easy to understand and interesting to read through. The Ciceros have geared the book towards beginners, and the book will give you a good grounding in the Golden Dawn.

Tree, The

Raymond Buckland
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Subtitled, ‘The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft’, this is not a book on history. Instead, Buckland presents the Book of Shadows of the Wiccan tradition he created; Seax-Wica. This was a big change from Gardnerian and Alexandrian Wicca as it introduced the idea of self-initiation, and the initiation – whether in a covern or solitary – was the equivalent of the first, and only degree level in the tradition. This book is an interesting lesson in both Seax-Wica and the history of Wicca.

Which Witch Is Which?

Patricia Telesco
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In this book Telesco attempts to give you an introduction to fifty-seven different neo-Pagan traditions, ranging from Alexandrian to Seax-Wica. She also gives some basic information on solitary and group practise, including how to go about joining a group. This would be an interesting starting point if you’re considering the different traditions, and will give you enough information for you to decide which you’d like to learn more about. One small criticism of this book would be that although it attempts to discuss neo-Pagan traditions, it is primarily Wiccan in flavour.

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