Modern & Ancient Egyptian

Circle of Isis

Ellen Cannon Reed
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This book is a great introduction to Ancient Egyptian deities and a guide to modern Wicca practises based on Egyptian customs and traditions – it is not intended to present accurate reconstructions. The title is misleading as Reed actually provides a lot of good information on many different deities, as well as covering a range of topics from rituals to festivals, even including a brief discussion of Ancient Egyptian language.

Conceptions of God in Ancient Egypt

Erik Hornung
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An interesting and informative read, this book provides a lot of information on Egyptian Gods and religion, from introducing the deities and giving their characteristics through to the relationship between humans and Gods. Hornung also includes a handy bibliography and a small glossary of Gods for easy reference.

Isis Magic

M. Isidora Forrest
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This book is a fantastically detailed guide to the Goddess Isis. Forrest covers such topics as the myths and history of Isis, as well as exploring the evolution of her worship up to the modern day. In fact the latter section of the book gives an in-depth guide to worshipping and working with Isis, arranged into four levels, for those wishing to follow a neo-Pagan path focussed on this Goddess. It is an entertaining read, and definitely avoids the fluff of modern Wicca books.

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