All Around the Zodiac

Bill Tierney
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This is a wonderful book for those who want to learn more about astrology than is covered in general books on Paganism or Wicca. Tierney explains the qualities of each sign in some detail, before continuing to examine the interactions between different signs in a chart and the influence of planets in signs. There’s plenty of detail in it, but it remains an enjoyable and interesting read instead of sounding dry and formal.

Complete Book of Tarot Reversals, The

Mary Greer
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When a Tarot card appears reversed in a spread, it can be interpreted differently, but few books go into much detail in the reversed meanings. In this book Greer gives information in reversed ratio; a brief explanation of the card’s meaning when it appears upright, followed by a good description of reversed meanings. Also included is some sound general advice on working with reversed cards.

Northern Mysteries and Magick

Freya Aswynn
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This is a good book if you are interested in learning about runes. Aswynn gives you information on each rune, including other names for it, its traditional meaning and its relation to Norse Gods and myths. After the sections on divination and rune magic, Aswynn also discusses Northern Gods and feminine mysteries. Some of the content is considered controversial, as Aswynn does draw on her Wiccan learnings as well as Asatru and her personal opinions can be found throughout.

Palmistry: Quick and Easy

Peter Hazel
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This is an easy-to-read guide to palmistry for the beginner. Hazel writes clear guides for what to look for, which are accompanied by diagrams for reference. The information is presented in question and answer form, guiding you in what to look for, and then explaining what you find. Also included is a brief section on history and theory, as well as on alternative ways of viewing the hand.

Power Tarot

Trish MacGregor & Phyllis Vega
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This is a pretty good introduction to the Tarot, giving you a general interpretation of each card as well as a suggested interpretation for specific types of reading. They omit any information on reversed interpretations, which you could see either as a shortcoming, or an easier introductory guide, keeping things simple to begin with. MacGregor and Vega continue with 100 different Tarot spreads, ranging from the small to the fairly complex, and you should be able to find something for any situation.

Runic Palmistry

Jon Saint-Germain
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This is a very interesting alternative palmistry system. While most books you will find discuss palmistry based on Greco-Roman mythology, this one uses Norse mythology and runes. The most interesting part of this books is the section on interpreting runes formed by lines on a person’s palm – this idea really intrigued me. One quibble with Saint-Germain is that he presents this system as one which was passed down through his family tree, something which cannot be proven and which will not satisfy the sceptics. This is only a small quibble however, as the book is interesting in its own merit, regardless of history and tradition.

Tarot for a New Generation

Janina Renée
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A good introductory Tarot book, aimed at teens and young adults. Renée gives detailed background information, including decks, layouts and reversed cards, before moving on to discussing each card in the deck covering different possible interpretations and providing illustrations from three different decks so you can compare common themes in the cards. Very easy to understand and use, no matter what your age.

Understanding the Tarot Court

Mary Greer & Tom Little
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This book provides an indepth examination of the court cards from the Tarot. These cards are neglected in some other volumes, and this may prove a useful reference for more detailed information. The authors also include exercises to help you understand and memorise the information for each card.

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