Collecting Herbs

Identifying your herbs

Warning! Some herbs and other plants can be poisonous! Do not harvest any plants that you are not familiar with. At the very least take a field guide with you when you go to harvest wild plants, and pay attention to what you are doing, as some plants which are dangerous can look very similar to, and grow in the same places as safe plants.

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Herbal Encyclopedia

Welcome to the encyclopedia of herbs. You can view detailed information for each herb, including associations with elements, deities, Sabbats and more, different names for the plant, a description of its physical characteristics, a general overview of it and lengthy descriptions of its magical and medicinal properties as well as any lore and legend surrounding it.

To view this information, simply click on a herb name which has a picture below. Any names without pictures are works in progress, and you can check back soon to view more information on those herbs.

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