Many of the images used on this website are my own creation, but in some cases (for example the deities pages) I’ve used pictures that are not mine. If you discover I have used one of your images, I hope you won’t mind but if you are unhappy with your picture appearing on this site, please let me know and I will remove it.

If you like the icons I’ve created you are welcome to use them yourself. Please download the images and upload them to your own hosting provider though – do not link directly to the images on my website.

Pentacles & Pentagrams

White Pentacle Pentagram with colours for the elements Red Pentagram Sparkles Pink Pentagram Sparkles Orange Pentagram Sparkles Blue Pentagram Sparkles Bronze Pentagram Sparkles Turquoise Pentagram Sparkles Purple Pentagram Sparkles Yellow Pentagram Sparkles Green Pentagram Sparkles Pale Green Pentagram Orange Pentagram Red Pentagram Pink Pentagram Purple Pentagram Blue Pentagram Green Pentagram



Wiccan Tools Wiccan Altar Candle with flame Extinguished Candle Seven chakras on human body Ouroboros representing spirit, and the cycle of life, death and rebirth


Zodiac Signs

Pisces Zodiac Sign Scorpio Zodiac Sign Cancer Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Leo Zodiac Sign Aries Zodiac Sign Gemini Zodiac Sign Aquarius Zodiac Sign Libra Zodiac Sign Virgo Zodiac Sign Taurus Zodiac Sign Capricorn Zodiac Sign


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2 Responses to Images

  1. Beverly P-A says:

    Like your icons & your site very much! Thank you for the great information. Have you heard of the info site “WitchVox” It’s also a neat place, a bit different from yours, but great for learning and all that. I’ve been practising & studying for 30 yrs. and I plan to never stop learning! I’m glad to have found “Pagan Roots”
    Bright Blessings,
    P.S. I found link to your site through a Bing search in case you want to know.

    • Pixi says:

      Hi Beverly, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I have heard of WitchVox; I actually met one of my oldest friends on there, although I haven’t revisited it recently.

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